Multiagent systems

Study Materials

Presentations from the lecture are available at Roman Neruda’s webpage. The materials for the labs will be published on this page.

Credit Requirements

During the semester, I will give you approximately 5 assignments. Some of them more theoretical, other more practical. It will be possible to solve some of the practical assignments in groups of up to 4 students.

In order to get the credit for the labs, you need to obtain at least 60 percent of possible points, i.e. 30 points.

Previous lessons

This year, I plan to update (and hopefully improve) the labs significantly compared to previous years, so the plan is not complete and will be definitely changed and updated as needed.

While the physical classes are cancelled, the labs are organized using Microsoft Teams at the usual times. Each of you should have received a link to the group. If you have not received it, let me know.

Date Topic
19 Feb 2020 Multi-agent games, XY game
26 Feb 2020 Prisoner’s dilemma - strategies, Source codes, first assignment
4 Mar 2020 Prisoner’s dilemma - simulation, Source codes
11 Mar 2020 Practicals cancelled
18 Mar 2020 AgentSpeak - Introduction
25 Mar 2020 AgentSpeak - Custom agents, second assignment
1 Apr 2020 AgentSpeak - Q&A for the second assignment, preliminary tournament
8 Apr 2020 AgentSpeak - final tournament
15 Apr 2020 Ontologies, description logic
22 Apr 2020 SPARQL, third assignment
29 Apr 2020 Modal Logics
6 May 2020 Auctions, Source Codes, fourth assignment
13 May 2020 Multiagent Reinforcement Learning, Source Codes, fifth assignment
20 May 2020 Communication Protocols

I plan to include the following topics:

  1. Multi-agent games - prisoner’s dilemma (including tournament of strategies)
  2. AgentsSpeak - an agent-specific programming language
  3. Knowledge representation in MAS, modal and description logic
  4. Auctions, voting
  5. Multi-agent communication protocols
  6. Multi-agent learning