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Non-procedural programming

Published on Sept. 28, 2016, 10:26 p.m.
In this term, I teach only the Czech version of the seminar.

Credit requirements

  1. Homework

    • There will be several assignments during the term related to the topics discussed during the seminar. The main goal of these assignments is to force you to program something in Haskell and Prolog during the term.
    • In order to obtain the credit, you need to have at least 60% of available points from all the assignments and at the same time, at least 50% of the points for the Prolog assignments and 50% of the points for the Haskell assignments. There will be an assignment on every other lesson and the deadline for the submission is one week. After the deadline, you will be assigned five submission from other students and your task will be to score them. The assignments are scored in three categories - correctness, effectivity and comments (documentation). Correctness has the highest weight (10), followed by effectivity (7) and documentation (3). The deadline for the scoring is again one week. You can get at most 80 points for each your submission and at most 20 points for scoring the submissions of the other students.
    • Don't be afraid of the scoring, I will check the score and if anyone is too strict or too benevolent, I will change the points slightly.
  2. Individual project in Prolog or Haskell

    • Some ideas for projects can be found on Jan Hric's webpage.
    • Choose a topic by the end of April and let me know of your selection (can be later, if you plan to make the project in Haskell).
    • You need to have the credit for the seminar before you can take the exam.
    • You must submit a documentation and some testing data with the program.
      b * You need to present the program personally to me, we will meet in the computer laboratory (send me an e-mail to arrange the presentation).